How do men wear rings?

  1. Which hand is correct to wear?
  2. The meaning of the rings on different fingers
  3. Traditions of different countries
  4. How many rings can a man wear?

Various types of jewelry are often mistakenly considered the prerogative of women. However, men are also not averse to decorating themselves with a designer tie pin, chain, bracelet or ring. With the wearing of the first three accessories, everything is more or less clear: the pin is clinging to the tie, the chain is put on the neck, the bracelet is put on the arm. And what is the correct way to wear a man's ring, on which finger, on which hand? You will find the answers to these questions in our material.

    Which hand is correct to wear?

    If we are not talking about a wedding ring, but about a ring in principle, it can be worn on any hand. There are no strict rules here - only your comfort is important. However, the left hand is considered more comfortable for wearing jewelry, as it is not intended for handshaking, which means that you will not scratch anyone with your ring when shaking hands.

    The meaning of the rings on different fingers

    So, you have purchased the accessory you like and now you need to decide which finger to put it on. Do not rush to make a choice - first, find out how a man's wearing a ring on one finger or another is interpreted.


    Initially, wearing the ring on the left thumb served a purely practical function. This is what hunters-archers did, putting on a special leather accessory on their finger to protect the skin from scratches and for better sliding of the arrow when pulling the bowstring. That's why nowadays, the association with a hunter, a warrior, a conqueror has been preserved - that is, a domineering, tough, uncompromising man, even to some extent aggressive.

    The hand on which the ring is worn also matters.

    1. If the ring is adorned with the thumb of the left hand, this is an experienced heartthrob. Sensual, gallant, amorous and ... fickle. He knows how to attract a woman's attention and is very fond of "collecting trophies".
    2. The ring on the thumb of the right hand is worn in order to stand out from the crowd, shock others. As a rule, creative personalities give preference to this location for wearing the ring: actors, singers, artists.

    And also crime bosses like to decorate this finger with a signet.


    With its help, we point at something, scold the guilty or urge to observe silence - in any case, the index finger is the most frequently used, the most "active". No wonder that it was he who was decorated with symbolic rings in the past: signs of belonging to any brotherhood, order, family or profession.

    A man wearing a ring on his index finger has an iron willpower, he is a leader by nature, knows how to present himself correctly. The chosen hand also matters:

    • business men, reasonable and wise, put on the left ring;
    • the right one is decorated with snobs, egoists, “starred” persons.

    Amulets, like a ring with the prayer "Save and Preserve", are worn on the index finger of the right hand. By the way, such a piece of jewelry should be made of silver, and not of any other metal.


    An "indecent" finger does not carry a special meaning, but more often than not self-confident successful men choose himwho are not afraid to openly express their opinions and “swim against the tide”.

    Also on the middle finger wear family heirlooms - precious rings passed down from generation to generation from father to son.


    This finger is designed to wear a single ring - a wedding ring. Men who adhere to the canons of Orthodoxy choose their right hand for this, adherents of Catholicism - their left.No other jewelry can be worn on this finger.

    The exception is signet rings decorated with engraving.

    Little finger

    The "small" finger is not often chosen for rings. And this is not surprising, because in this way gays often signal their unconventional orientation. However, when you see an accessory on a man's little finger, don't jump to conclusions. Perhaps this is just a creative person who wants to emphasize his originality by putting a ring on the most "unpopular" finger.

    The chosen hand also plays an important role.

    1. Left little finger most often they are decorated with multifaceted, complex personalities with a difficult character and peculiar beliefs. The ring on this finger can characterize its owner as a windy, fickle reveler, unwilling to enter into a serious relationship, or as a representative of a non-traditional sexual orientation.
    2. Right pinky Men who love to rule, leaders by nature, alpha males, adventurers are "ringing".

    Traditions of different countries

    Strict rules for wearing men's rings apply, as a rule, only to wedding and engagement accessories. An ordinary ring made of gold, silver, platinum or base metals can be put on the finger and the hand where it will "take root", that is, at the request of the owner and to express a certain message.

    So on which hand is it customary to wear wedding rings in different countries? Let's figure it out. Eastern men - adherents of Islam - can choose the ring finger of any hand, there are no strict instructions here. Requirements apply only to the material used to make the accessory - in no case should it be gold.

    Adepts of Catholicism traditionally decorate with a wedding ring the ring finger of the left hand. This rule is followed in the following countries:

    • USA;
    • Canada;
    • Brazil;
    • Mexico;
    • Spain;
    • India;
    • England;
    • Portugal.

    In China the husband puts on the wedding ring on his left hand, but the wife decorates the ring finger of her right hand with this accessory. In Russia and Ukraine adhere to the tradition of wearing wedding rings on the right hand.

    Engagement accessories in India, Spain and some Latin American countries put on the right ring finger. If the marriage ended in divorce or death of one of the spouses, the wedding ring should be moved to the opposite hand.

      In France there is one interesting tradition of wearing a special signet ring. This accessory symbolizes belonging to the family. Its front side ("platform") is decorated with engraving, the upper part of which should be directed towards the nails. The eldest representative of the genus wears this ring on the ring finger on the left, the rest of the men belonging to the genus - on the ring finger or little finger on the right.

      How many rings can a man wear?

      Probably, everyone who watched movies on a historical theme paid attention to how many rings the nobility wore. But what is there - each finger could be "ringed" with a ring with a precious stone or engraving! Of course, no one does this anymore.

      It is allowed to wear one, maximum two rings on different hands.

      There are other rules for wearing men's rings.

      • Representatives of creative professions (musicians, artists, designers, theater and film actors) or informal groups (metalheads, punks, bikers) can afford to wear more than two rings at once.... If you do not belong to any of these categories, it is better to stick to the concept of minimalism.
      • Before purchasing a ring, decide on which hand and which finger you will wear it. Above, we explained the meaning of an accessory worn on one or another finger. Therefore, in order not to get into a mess, think about what message you want to convey to others with the help of the ring. And only then go to the jewelry store.
      • The combination of colors and adherence to a single style of the image is very important. A gold ring with a ruby ​​will at least look strange on a biker in a leather jacket with silver metal rivets. And a ring with a skull will not be in harmony with a strict classic suit. When combining metals of different colors, be careful: the days are gone when wearing silver with gold was considered bad manners, but when drawing up such a tandem, you need to be careful so as not to slip into bad taste.
      • When choosing a ring by size, be guided by the following recommendations: the thinner your fingers are, the smaller the ring should be. Massive catchy jewelry looks good only on large male hands.
      • If you are a signet lover, try to wear them either on your little finger or on your ring finger. - the way it was accepted earlier, when they were still performing the function of printing.
      • Married men wearing a wedding ring should adhere to the following rule: do not put other rings on the same hand. On the other - you can, but not more than one. And it is desirable that it be designed in the same style as the "engagement", or at least made of the same metal.
      • If you want to buy a ring with a stone, then you can focus on the minerals recommended for you by the sign of the zodiac. If reading horoscopes is alien to you, choose one of the following stones: diamond, onyx, amethyst, blue topaz, alexandrite, carnelian.

      It is these minerals that are more suitable than others for the representatives of the strong half of humanity.

      • Designer rings of unusual shapes draw attention to men's hands. Such an accessory can become "speaking", signaling to the people around that its owner is an extraordinary person. It can be supplemented with other jewelry from the brand's collection: bracelet, cufflinks, tie pin. A designer ring will not tolerate "competition", so it alone should adorn a man's fingers. Even with the "engagement" it is undesirable to combine it.

      When trying on a ring in a jewelry store, try to do it three times: in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening. The fact is that during the day our fingers swell and change their thickness, so that a ring purchased in the morning can begin to "press" in the evening. Conversely, an accessory purchased at the end of the day will “fly off” the next morning.

      For information on how to wear rings for a man, see the next video.

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