Mens watches Hugo Boss

  1. history of the company
  2. Pros and cons of watches
  3. How to distinguish a fake?
  4. Current models

No matter what they say, the presence and support of a beloved man is important for every woman. And what can complement the spectacular image of the chosen one? Each woman has her own preferences. For some, these are shoes: expensive and well-groomed. Someone likes the smell of an elite perfume. Someone prefers a man in a business suit as a sign of solidity and prosperity. Many women pay attention to the man's hands and his watch. Elite variants of Hugo Boss will perfectly complement the image of a real man and will strike any woman on the spot!

history of the company

The history of the Hugo Boss brand begins in the middle of the 20th century, since 1923. This year Hugo Ferdinand Boss opened a small garment factory in the German city of Metzingen, which was engaged in sewing workwear and sportswear. Since 1930, the garment factory began to sew clothes mainly for Nazi Germany, it is because of this that Hugo Boss was accused of collaborating with the Nazis and deprived of some civil rights. After the Nazi regime fell, the factory produced clothing for postmen and railroad workers.

Hugo Boss, the founder of the company, passed away in 1948, handing over his business to his son-in-law, who slightly expanded the product range. Thanks to this, in 1953, a men's suit was first released under the Hugo Boss brand. Further, the development of the company was carried out by the grandchildren, who approved the name of the Hugo Boss brand in honor of their grandfather. Now the company has specialized in sewing high quality men's clothing. In 1998, under the Hugo Boss brand, they began to produce fashionable women's clothing. In general, the company was constantly developing and was able to take a leading position in the fashion market.

Today most of the company's production is moved to Turkey, to the city of Izmir... In 2009, the number of employees of the company was more than 9 thousand people. The net profit for this year was about 104 million euros. What about the watch? When did they start producing them? A Swiss company called the Movado Luxury Group began their production. It started its production, of course, under the Hugo Boss license - in 1997.

The presented Swiss company has a high build quality of Hugo Boss watches., as all models are characterized by strict style and functionality. As for the design of the case, it can vary greatly from one collection to another. The watch of this brand has the only distinguishing feature - it is the embossed Hugo Boss logo. And all of them, without exception, have mineral sapphire glasses, which are highly impact-resistant.

Also, a distinctive feature of this watch is the only detail in the decor, which becomes the highlight of this model. For example, an orange dial, a combination of red and black colors, an expensive strap with a corporate logo.

Pros and cons of watches

Now let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of watches from the world famous brand Hugo Boss. It would seem what the disadvantages of such a famous brand can be, but still, let's figure it out. Let's start with the good - with the pros. So, the advantages are as follows:

  • presentable appearance (this characteristic includes brevity and restraint);
  • high quality (the watch case is made of steel alloy, and the watch glass is mineral, resistant to scratches);
  • branded gift wrapping of Hugo Boss watches (also an important criterion);
  • waterproof watch.

Of the minuses, only the price can be noted, which is quite high, not everyone can afford to buy such a wonderful watch.

How to distinguish a fake?

There are several points by which you can distinguish a fake from an original Hugo Boss men's watch. The first is labeling. The original models that are made in Switzerland are always marked with the Swiss made or Swiss movement. On counterfeits, there is no engraving or it says: Made in Swiss or Made in Switzerland.

The second point is trial. On a product made of precious metals, from which the watch is made, a sample is required. Gold must be 18K. The third thing to look out for is the color of the case. The original Hugo Boss men's watch has a uniform color of the case, without a strong chemical smell.

The fourth point, which is also important when choosing original branded watches, is the shape. The scripts have a smooth, symmetrical shape. The technical data sheet is also a feature of the original watch. The store is obliged to provide it to you. Well, the last point when choosing a genuine model is the price. Genuine Swiss watches cannot be sold at a big discount, since such work is worth the money.

Current models

There are many models of men's watches from the Hugo Boss brand, let's take a look at a few that are relevant. The watches from the Swing collection are known all over the world, which means “slide” in English. Their unique feature is the head that slides over the bracelet. The watches of this model have a checkerboard pattern on the dial and a small thin strap on the case, which gives them sophistication and sophistication.

Another watch model has appeared recently - this is the Aeroliner. The watches of this collection are designed in the style of aviation chronographs of 30-40s. XX century. The watches of the famous brand Hugo Boss are an example of style and elegance among the many brands of watch movements known around the world. We hope the information we have provided will be useful to you when choosing a Hugo Boss chronometer.

An overview of the men's watch Huggo Boss in the video below.

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