How to pair and wear men's pants with sneakers?

How to pair and wear men's pants with sneakers?
  1. What types of pants can I wear?
  2. A color scheme
  3. Stylist tips
  4. Beautiful images

The days when sneakers were used only for sports are long gone. Today eminent designers use them in their collections in combination with business trousers, suits and much more. The trend of this season is suede sneakers that can be worn with trousers of different cuts. Visually, suede models make them more interesting.

White minimalism is still in fashion - such sneakers can be worn both with jeans and with business trousers. The result is a win-win for all occasions. From this article, you will learn how to properly combine pants with sports shoes.

What types of pants can you wear?

When choosing sneakers to wear with trousers, we must not forget that these are sports shoes, therefore, there are some rules. Those who decide to combine sports shoes with pants should choose a model with a narrow cut. The length of the trousers should show the shoes - long and with folds at the bottom of the trousers look very casual and spoil the image.

The color of the sneakers should not match the shade of the pants.however, this rule is not taken into account when it comes to white sneakers - they are in perfect harmony with a white tee.

Men's sneakers in combination with classic trousers provide some extravagant detail in the bow - to smooth out the effect of incongruity.

Today it is fashionable to combine office and sports styles, but it is important to follow a few rules so that the image does not turn out to be sloppy. The main thing is that a man cannot wear classic-length pants with sports shoes. Pants can be worn:

  • with gates;
  • with an arrow;
  • shortened.

A color scheme

There are a lot of colors in the trend, which allows a man to create excellent and bright images. Combining sports shoes with trousers is not easy, but interesting. Clean, snow-white sneakers are a must have for a man's wardrobe. The shoes are quite versatile - sneakers can be worn with either an expensive suit (beige, gray, blue, etc.) or with worn jeans. However, the fat minus of white sneakers is that they are easily soiled.

The classics will live forever. Brands such as Vans, Converse, Nike and Adidas have been offering classic silhouettes for decades that go well with a variety of pants.

Black and white sneakers are amazingly suitable for casual wear, and lace-up casual - with light or dark jeans.

Stylish gray is in trend of the season. Sneakers in this color can be seen in many collections of famous brands. Suede models of neutral but interesting tones are also relevant - light olive or light blue. These shoes go well with trousers of calm shades - with black, brown.

Stylist tips

Stylists advise to adhere to some rules - wearing sneakers with trousers does not allow "frivolity". Following the simple recommendations of professionals, a man will be able to create a zest in his bow, and at the same time will not violate the business style.

  • Premium clothing. Choosing a bold mix of sneakers and trousers, you cannot skimp on things, as a man will attract attention to himself. It is worth choosing only premium - both in shoes and in clothes.
  • "No" to bright colors. Bright sneakers may look beautiful, but not with trousers. For a business suit, you should choose shoes of restrained colors: gray, white, black.
  • Tapered trousers. Sports shoes - sneakers - are combined with monochromatic trousers and a fitted jacket that are tapered from top to bottom. And also stylists agree that the costume should be of a laconic cut, without unnecessary accessories.

A categorical “no” should be said to jackets with shoulder pads and vests - only shoes are suitable for such a gentlemanly look. Futuristic trendy sneakers are also inappropriate when paired with a suit - save them for a different look.

Beautiful images

Looking at the photos, you can learn how to create fashionable images. It is important to grasp the subtleties between "do's and don'ts."

Sneakers with tight-fitting trousers look beautiful - the oversize effect may be good, but in this case it is inappropriate. A trouser suit should not have shine - suits made of linen, fine wool, cotton look amazing.

Sneakers, as a rule, are chosen without decor, and trousers do not cover shoes - on the contrary, they demonstrate them "in all its glory."

A nice bonus to the sneakers + trousers tandem will be accessories such as a hat, bag and glasses. A combination of a checked shirt, trousers and sneakers looks great.

Whichever bow you want to create, remember to follow simple but important rules. Stylist tips and photographs will help you customize your look.

Tops for trousers can be quite different: T-shirts, jackets, shirts - everything is appropriate, if only it goes well.

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