All about men's jewelry

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Many representatives of the stronger sex like to decorate themselves with different accessories... A well-chosen bracelet, watch or any other product can complement the image and significantly transform the appearance.

What can you wear?

Men's jewelry presented in a wide variety. Both famous brands and brands offering budget accessories are engaged in their manufacture.


Wristwatches for men can have different shapes, colors, sizes and styles. Those who are just choosing their first hand accessory are advised to choose a classic model. Such products are versatile and suitable for men of different ages. Classic watch harmoniously complement the business image and give the owner a more sophisticated and sophisticated appearance.

To make the accessory look stylish and appropriate, designers are advised to choose models in a steel case or in its imitation.

Many manufacturers use silver platingto give the watch a specific look. The material from which the bracelet is made can be different (metal, textile material, etc.).

Once you get used to the classic pieces, you can look at other options. The modern lineup includes many sports models, and products for social events.


A fashionable bracelet will surely draw attention to its owner. Bracelets for men can be made of precious metal or other materials that are more readily available. The most important thing - choose the right product. Recently, they are very popular scandinavian bracelets, for the manufacture of which metal alloys and leather are used. Also, manufacturers complement them with elements of their fabric and wood. Viking jewelry looks masculine and somewhat rough, so it should be chosen by men with a similar type of appearance.

In order for the product to blend harmoniously into the image, it is recommended to choose a bracelet in a neutral color scheme: black, white or gray. Also, the decoration should be without large decorative elements and stones.

Discreet and concise appearance Is the best all-round option. Such a bracelet can be worn to work, an important meeting or a walk with friends.

If you wish to wear a new bracelet with existing jewelry, consider the style of those accessories. Otherwise, the products will not match and ruin even the most thoughtful and stylish look.


Many men are skeptical about this type of jewelry and only wear a wedding ring, however, recently this trend has begun to change. More and more representatives of the fair sex are paying attention to such accessories. The fact is that famous athletes, artists and other popular personalities began to actively wear rings and rings, which is why ordinary people paid attention to accessories.

Modern jewelry stores offer a wide selection of rings different styles... If you are in doubt about whether you will like wearing a ring or not, there is no point in wasting money on a piece of precious material. You can purchase an accessory made of steel or any other metal. Steel and black products are at the peak of popularity.

Remember that the ring should be combined with other jewelry in the image.

Necklaces, chains and pendants

Men wear these types of accessories very rarely, however, there are fans of neck jewelry. The most common option is laconic gold chain made of gold or platinum. This accessory looks great both with a business suit and in a casual look. Unusual shaped pendants are recommended to be worn on weekends.


Stylish cufflinks perfectly complement a classic suit. As in most cases, it is recommended to choose products universal style. If you are looking for cufflinks for an expensive and high-quality suit, the accessories should match it. Pay attention to products made of precious metals. Premium accessories are complemented with precious stones.

Young women can choose non-standard and original cufflinks. It can be fabric products, and wood models and others materials... Older men are better off choosing classic options.

Tie Clips

Another accessory that will look great in a classic look. Clamps are optional and can be worn at will, however, they are able to give the appearance of elegance and sophistication. As a rule, clips are worn for special events and holidays. The chosen decoration should be combined with cufflinks and other accessories in the image.

Traditional options are made from metals. The most common and affordable option is steel... Expensive models are made from silver or gold... Some clamps are supplemented with chains, decorative elements. The products fulfill not only an aesthetic, but also a practical function, fixing the tie in place.

Materials (edit)

Leather products

Genuine leather is great for the stronger sex. This is a classic material that does not lose its relevance. It is used to make belts, bracelets, laces for pendants. The skin is actively used for Scandinavian jewelry... The material is in perfect harmony with metal, stones, wood and others. Leather jewelry will perfectly complement the urban style.

Of stones

Stones, both precious and semi-precious, are often used in the manufacture of men's jewelry.... They make stylish pendants and rings... Also the stones are beautiful complement the classic accessories: cufflinks, tie clips, watches.

Some people believe that each stone has a unique property: amethyst enhances vigilance, jade will restore healthy sleep, the serpentine has a beneficial effect on health, and ruby ​​products protect the wearer from negativity.

Of silver

Silver jewelry looks stylish, is always in fashion and is affordable. Most men choose silver with rhodium plating and blackening... Such accessories have an original appearance and are perfectly combined with a business image. Rings, cufflinks, chains and other accessories are made of light precious metal.

Of gold

Gold jewelry is more suitable for adult men. Gold accessories are timeless classicshowever, in order for them to look appropriate, it is important not to overdo it with their number. The metal can be of several colors, depending on the quality and alloy: white gold, pink or yellow. Products made of precious material are complemented with precious and semi-precious stones.

Other metals

In the sphere of making men's jewelry, not only precious metals are used. Jewelry stores offer products from nickel, surgical and conventional steel, as well as titanium. Are in demand and copper decorations. It is recommended to choose such products for young representatives of the stronger sex.

Made of wood

Wooden decorations attract attention with their original natural colors and pleasant texture. Wood rarely acts as the basis of a product, as a rule, it is an addition to metal or leather. Elements from natural raw materials give jewelry ethnicity... Such products are suitable for all men, the main thing is to choose the right jewelry for a specific image.


Using this material, they make bracelets, rings, earrings other accessories... They are affordable, but inferior in quality to jewelry made of precious metals.


A huge assortment, which is constantly updated with new products, is presented in a wide variety of designs. Stylish handicrafts have been created for buyers who value originality. The price of such work varies, depending on the complexity and materials used. Unusual jewelry will surely attract the attention of those around you. It could be like brutal leather and metal accessoriesand laconic products from textile materials.

If there is a desire to wear classic gold jewelry, but there is no opportunity or desire to spend money on them, you can choose items for gold. Buy several different models, try them on and see how they look.

Top brands

Branded designer items are different from the rest of the products excellent quality and expressive appearance. The presence of such an accessory will indicate the excellent taste of the owner, as well as his security.


    Designed for men who choose stylish accessories exquisite jewelry with charms... Anyone can assemble their own unique piece of jewelry. The brand also offers a wide selection of pendants.


      Products from the above brand personify courage and originality. Especially popular are leather jewelry... The company has gained popularity due to its expressive and unusual design.


        This brand is familiar to many. The company is engaged in the manufacture accessories for men and women. Professional stylists suggest paying attention to bracelets, which are often decorated with precious stones.


          Products from the above brand gained worldwide fame... Highly valued wrist watch, for the manufacture of which diamonds, rubies, sapphires and precious metals are used. The presence of an original product from Cartier will indicate the high status of the owner.

          How to choose?

          When choosing jewelry, you should heed the advice of experts.

          • Precious metals (gold, platinum and silver) Is a classic that is always in fashion. Such products are not cheap, however, they retain a presentable appearance for decades. High-value items instructed by stones are hereditary and are considered a family heirloom. To make the products look presentable, they need to be cleaned periodically.
          • The prints look impressive, but they are not suitable for all men.... Modern craftsmen offer a wide range of jewelry in a restrained style. Such items will look much better than bulky accessories.
          • When choosing expensive products, it is advisable to check their quality using an appropriate certificate. The seller-consultant is obliged to provide a document confirming the naturalness of the metal and stones.
          • Ethnic-style jewelry made of leather and wood will only look good when a real master is involved in their creation. Otherwise, the product will look tasteless. Evaluate the work of professionals before choosing something similar for yourself.
          • If earlier the representatives of the stronger sex were skeptical about earrings, now more and more men choose such jewelry. The rules for wearing this accessory have been forgotten, and now you can wear earrings in any quantity and on any ear. The main thing is that they fit. Slim and short men are more suitable for compact jewelry, and vice versa.
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