Prada men's wallets: features and descriptions of models

  1. About the brand
  2. Advantages and disadvantages
  3. Product overview
  4. How to choose?

Prada is a world renowned brand of luxury apparel, footwear and accessories. Her fans are Hollywood stars and socialites, which once again proves the high rank of the brand. Men's wallets have a special place in the assortment. In the article we will tell you about the formation of the company, consider the popular wallets for men and tell you how to choose a wallet and not stumble upon a fake.

About the brand

Prada was founded in Milan in 1913. Its creator was Mario Prada, who opened a small shop selling classic travel bags. A special feature of the products is the walrus leather used for the manufacture. This is what attracted the first wealthy clients. In 1958, the management of the brand passed into the hands of his daughter Louise Prada, it was she who contributed to the expansion of the brand. During the years of her leadership, Prada products began to be sold not only in European countries, but also in the United States.

Louise Prada

The elegant look of the bags and accessories was complemented by crystals and rare wood inserts. There were turtle shell models. All these innovations, of course, gave zest and status, but the accessories themselves were very bulky, and this hindered sales. Everything changed with the arrival of Mario's granddaughter, Miucci Prada, in 1979. She brought in new ideas that boosted the brand's popularity.

The assortment began to appear not only for large travel bags, but also for ladies' bags, as well as men's wallets. In the 90s, the first women's clothing collection was released under the brand. Calm colors, classic silhouette and sophistication of outfits combined with high quality have attracted many eminent clients. Since then, Prada has become synonymous with elegant chic. Soon, glasses, shoes, men's clothing and accessories appeared in the lineup. This attracted more and more customers to the brand.

Prada men's wallets have taken a special place in the brand's assortment and have become a status symbol.

Advantages and disadvantages

The company's products have a wide range of advantages. First of all, it should be noted that all products are made from high quality materials. Natural, soft leather is pleasant to the touch and looks very rich. The products are easy to use, the models will easily fit into the pocket of any coat. Large purses are usually held in hand.

Prada men's wallets are always elegant and sophisticated.... Classic models of predominantly black and brown colors look very expensive and give their owner a status. The fittings are made of high quality metal and are tightly fixed. The seams on the wallet are always neat and straight. The model range of the brand also includes modern youth models in bright colors with an original pattern. The company tries to comply with all fashion trends and be interesting not only for adult men, but also for young people.

The trademark of Prada is the morocco leather embossing, which increases the wear resistance of the product and gives it a matte finish. Inside, the wallets are made of the same high quality as outside. Pockets for coins, closing with a button, and slots for plastic cards are also made of leather. An indisputable advantage is also universal product designsuitable for both men and women. After all, the principles of the classics are similar for both sexes.

Of the shortcomings of the brand's accessories, only high price, which seems to many not entirely justified. After all, most of the price is the markup for the brand name. Another significant drawback is the huge number of fakes that have flooded the accessory market. Only a knowledgeable person who understands fashion and is the owner of a real purse can distinguish the original from the copy.

Product overview

Consider the most popular models of Prada branded wallets.

  • A dark blue saffiano-coated calfskin wallet measures 19x9x2 cm. Sleek and slim, it sits beautifully in your hand and fits into any coat pocket. A triangular metal insert in the lower left corner acts as a decoration. It features the brand logo. The inner part contains 2 compartments for notes, a flat pocket for coins and 10 slots for plastic cards. The cost of the product is 32,000 rubles.
  • An elegant accessory in a minimalist style will be the perfect complement to any look... Thanks to its large size 21x11x2.5 cm, it is very roomy. A saffiano leather wallet looks very expensive. The zip closure keeps the contents secure. The runner with leather band is convenient to use. In the lower left corner is a small metal triangle with the Prada logo. The inner filling is as practical as possible: on one side there is a compartment for bills and business cards, on the other - a pocket for coins with a zipper and 6 slots for plastic cards. The cost of the model is 46,000 rubles.
  • Compact folding wallet made of black calfskin with saffiano coating measures 11x9.5x1.5 cm. Such a product will easily fit into a pocket of your trousers or jacket. Inside there is a general section for notes and 6 card slots. A metal triangle with the brand's logo flaunts in the lower right corner. The cost of the product is 26,000 rubles.
  • A youth-style foldable wallet with metal rivets at the fold and a bold Frankenstein print. The size of the leather product is 10x8x1 cm. Due to its compact dimensions, it will easily fit in a trouser pocket. The inner filling is presented in the form of a compartment for notes and 8 slots for cards. The price of this purse is 23,000 rubles.

How to choose?

When buying a purse for a man, you should pay attention to some details that will help you make the right choice. First of all, you need to assess the quality of the wallet. Examine it from all sides, pay special attention to the seams. In expensive, branded accessories, they are smooth and neat. The stitches are small and the same, in one line. There should be no loose threads.

It is recommended to purchase genuine leather products. The most popular are the classic calf or sheep leather wallets. There are brands that produce models from morocco, crocodile or ostrich leather. A quality product does not change color when exposed to moisture.

Press lightly on the skin - it should immediately return to its original appearance.

You should pay attention and on the quality of fittings, it is made of metal or antique copper. Fittings, like fasteners, must be sewn on, not glued - this is another indicator of high quality. Inspect the metal for corrosion - elements with signs of wear and gaps in the color indicate the manufacturer's unscrupulousness. Recommended before buying, inspect the inside of the wallet, the subsequent ease of use depends on it.

In addition to the compartment for notes, must have a pocket for change and slots for plastic cards. Today, horizontal and vertical wallets are the most popular. The first type is a folding design, double or triple. Such products will easily fit in a jeans pocket or a breast pocket of a jacket.

The compact model has a small drawback - it is not suitable for those who are used to carrying a lot of cards with them. But the vertical accessory will perfectly fit everything you need. Of course, such a model is larger in size and it will be problematic to wear it in trousers. But it is thin and will look good in the hands or in the pocket of a coat.Such items usually have 6-12 card slots, several compartments for notes and a pocket for coins with a zipper.

The firmness of the skin is also of great importance. Too soft can quickly wear out, and hard can crack. Try to hold the product in your hands longer before buying to appreciate its convenience. Open the zippers, try the buttons. Check if all your cards and money will fit inside. The cost of the accessory is also important. When buying a cheap wallet, do not rely on high quality and long service life. But an expensive branded wallet will be 100% made of genuine leather and will serve you for many years. Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming popularity of Prada branded products, there are many fake products that are not easy to distinguish from the original. In order not to run into a copy, use the tips below.

First of all, evaluate the inside of the wallet. All trimmings should be made of leather, similar to the outside. If you slightly lift one of the pockets under it, you will notice the engraved registration number - this is the main sign of the authenticity of the product. Famous premium brands assign individual codes to each product, including Prada.

On the outside of the purse there will be a metal badge, usually triangular in shape, less often rectangular.

Fake Prada products are misspelled or replaced with a completely different lettering. The size and distance between the letters also indicates the authenticity of the inscription. Below is Milano's signature. If the badge is made of plastic or fabric, then the wallet is fake. Pay the most attention to the letter "R". This letter in the original Prada wallet features a notch on the right leg. This delicate work is usually neglected by counterfeiters because it is too expensive.

Men's wallets are sold in cardboard boxes and wrapped in branded paper with brand logos or in a cotton bag. Usually it has a tag that says Prada or Cotton made in Italy. The accessory should contain a plastic authenticity card with a registration number that matches the one engraved on the inside of the wallet.

The card usually comes in a black envelope. Pay attention to the fasteners. The button and zipper should be the same shade as the lining. High-quality hardware fastens softly. The greatest guarantee of purchase of the original Prada men's wallet is given by purchasing it in the company's boutique.

If you entrusted the purchase to the shopper, try to immediately take the product to the store. Experienced sellers will quickly determine whether the original is in front of them or a copy.

In the next video, you will find a quick overview of the Prada men's wallet.

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